It all started back in 2014 when Warren ‘Remy’, our founder, created this brand out of his lifelong desire to aim for greatness. Named after his dad, Philippe, and his Mum, Remy, in honour to the inspiration they both instilled during his childhood, ‘Philippe Remy’ initially started as a small shop in the UK, and eventually grew a reputation of its own becoming an international brand, as well as a fashion statement of its own.

Philippe Remy is about luxury modern streetwear, but we believe there’s another dimension to it with an unlimited potential, and that is the capability of delivering inspiration, both for the person that wears our clothes and for any of the casual observers.

We aim to empower individuals to be encouraged by what they wear, so they can be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do, with no limitations other than their own ambitions. We see fashion as a powerful instrument, which can incite our consumers to turn their desire for a luxury lifestyle into inspiration, so they can cut through the everyday noise and achieve mind clarity, peace, and experience an entirely different lifestyle, which allows them to walk into business meetings, job interviews, and social gatherings with distinctive style and confidence.

That’s what Philippe Remy is all about: passion, empowerment, and motivating everyone to become their most luxurious and successful version through fashion.



OUR VISION is to be a leader in the sustainable space; consciously sourcing materials, hardware and packaging, drastically reducing harmful externalities and continuously analysing areas of the business that can be targeted for improvement.

WE'RE COMMITTED to offering style and quality in equal proportions to sustainability, ethical transparency and corporate integrity. Endeavouring to set a local and international standard based on attainable goals and a shared vision.

WE'RE UNDER NO ILLUSION that our new commitment to the highest possible sustainable and ethical practices will be easy to achieve but will endeavour to incrementally change our current processes for the betterment of our industry, community and the World.